Total War: WARHAMMER III How to Play Immortal Empires with working AI

For Total War: WARHAMMER III players, this guide is about how to play Immortal Empires with working AI, let’s check out how.

Did some tweaking, to get as close to a working sandbox experience as possible and this first pass isn’t half bad.

What I changed:

rifts still appear, but slightly later (turn 50+), less (45+ turns in between), are less corrupting, spawn agents and armies slower and weaker and AI can’t gain souls.

Note: when removing rifts all together, it breaks the AI (AI becomes passive, basically). With this changes, the AI is “less” aggressive initially, but slowly ramps up. In my current test game as Nurgle, AI is fighting each other as well as me. Diplomacy also seems to be fine.

It’s as close as it gets to sandbox, without breaking the game.

Code lines

Here what I changed in data.pack and what it does:Line 99:
local strength_required_for_ai_to_complete_realm = 99999999;

makes it impossible for AI to get souls

Line 101:
local rifts_cooldown = 45;

increases time between rifts

Line 104+105:
local rifts_hero_spawn_time = 5;
local rifts_army_spawn_time = 10;

increases delay, before agent and armies spawn in rifts

Line 180:
return not are_any_rifts_open(true) and (cm:turn_number() == 50 or cm:get_saved_value(“ursuns_roar_available”));

changed first rift appearance to turn 50+

Lines 1401 to 1412:
if highest_realm_count == 1 then
size = 9;
rank = 5;
elseif highest_realm_count == 2 then
size = 9;
rank = 10;
elseif highest_realm_count == 3 then
size = 9;
rank = 15;
elseif highest_realm_count == 4 then
size = 9;
rank = 20;

changed all size to 9, which I guess should make all rift spawned armies 9 units strong. I also reduced respective ranks.

Lines 1712 to 1719:
— each time the ursun roar event happens, the starting corruption from rifts increases
if ursuns_roar_count == 2 then
cm:teleportation_network_set_effect_level_modifier(“wh3_main_teleportation_network_chaos”, 1);
elseif ursuns_roar_count == 3 then
cm:teleportation_network_set_effect_level_modifier(“wh3_main_teleportation_network_chaos”, 2);
elseif ursuns_roar_count >= 4 then
cm:teleportation_network_set_effect_level_modifier(“wh3_main_teleportation_network_chaos”, 3);

changed the corruption modifiers to 1, 2 and 3 respectively. Reduces the amount of corruption coming from the rifts


That’s all we are sharing today in Total War: WARHAMMER III How to Play Immortal Empires with working AI, if you have anything to add, please feel free to leave a comment below, you can also read the original article here, all the credits goes to the original author Sin317

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