Total War: WARHAMMER III Immortal Empires No More Attrition Immunity for AI

For Total War: WARHAMMER III playersm this guide here is about how to make no more attrition immunity for AI and to  remove the soul race part of the campaign…

What it does

I added the files, for easier use.

What I changed:

Rift spawn timer, after 15 turns, rifts spawn for 10 turns and then every 10 turns after despawn
Corruption modifier (all rifts do same corruption, regardless of Ursuns roar counter)
AI can’t complete Rifts
Rifts spawn slightly weaker armies.

Several choices for rifts! No rifts, More rifts more often, less rifts less often!

Added file that changes all attrition modifiers for AI to 0 (= same as player).

Kislev wants to fight in your home turf? Good, but SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES!

How to mod

This is the basic “how to” instructions, to change the lines in the script mentioned in the other section

original post here:

Download RFPM


Find data.pack in Warhammer 3 folder

“C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Total War WARHAMMER III\data\data.pack”

open with rfpm.exe

go to preferences, check “Allow Editing of CA Packfiles” under the “Settings” tab.

inside data.pack, go to the following file:

Script -> campaign ->wh3_main_chaos_realms -> wh3_realm_common.lua

make the changes I posted (or whatever else you want to do, but don’t blame me, if you break the game)

PS: I mean break the game from running properly, obviously. make a copy of the default code of the wh3_realm_common.lua, in case something breaks and you need to revert to original.


Uploaded zip file with the original lua file and the modded one.

Open data.pack with rpfm and then right-click “data.pack” on the left side inside rpfm, select “add folder” and select the “script” folder (either inside “modded” or “backup” folder, whichever you want to add. save and done.



Current Changes:

local strength_required_for_ai_to_complete_realm = 99999999;
//impossible for AI to get souls

— the number of turns the rifts should stay on the map when first appearing
rifts_duration = 10;

//down from 15, rifts remain for less long

return not are_any_rifts_open(true) and (cm:turn_number() == 15

//down from 30, rifts appear sooner

if highest_realm_count == 1 then
size = 5;
rank = 10;
elseif highest_realm_count == 2 then
size = 9;
rank = 15;
elseif highest_realm_count == 3 then
size = 12;
rank = 20;
elseif highest_realm_count == 4 then
size = 15;
rank = 25;

//reduced rank and strength of rift armies. Remember, AI can’t get souls, so only if a player gets them, will the realm_count change.

— each time the ursun roar event happens, the starting corruption from rifts increases
if ursuns_roar_count == 2 then
cm:teleportation_network_set_effect_level_modifier(“wh3_main_teleportation_network_chaos”, 1);
elseif ursuns_roar_count == 3 then
cm:teleportation_network_set_effect_level_modifier(“wh3_main_teleportation_network_chaos”, 1);
elseif ursuns_roar_count >= 4 then
cm:teleportation_network_set_effect_level_modifier(“wh3_main_teleportation_network_chaos”, 1);

//down from 3/8/13. Corruption from rifts is always the same. It’s still increasing over time, as long as the rift stays open!

That’s all we are sharing today in Total War: WARHAMMER III Immortal Empires No More Attrition Immunity for AI, if you have anything to add, please feel free to leave a comment below, you can also read the original article here, all the credits goes to the original author Csontzuzo

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