Transcendence Legacy – Voidswept 100% Walkthrough GUide

For Transcendence Legacy – Voidswept players, this is a complete walkthrough guide written by playing in Expert Mode. Let’s check it out.

A Voice Beckons

Starting a new game

Choose your difficulty between Beginner, Standard or Expert.
This cannot be changed later.

Misty Woodlands

Danger Level: 1
Items (south of campfire): Life Flask x2, 250 Gold, Chest Key (sparkle), Spirit Card & Vanity Card (Chest Key needed), Anima Flask, Spirit Pot
Items (north of campfire before boss): Revival Balm x2, Elixir
Items (after boss)

All enemies are visable and you can figure out there weaknesses.

Mob Name
Sword, Holy, Darkness
Bow, Holy
Staff, Fire, Darkness

Those mobs will be listed in the Bestiary with their stats and drops.

Guarding will restore some MP and a level up will restore to full health.
Knockout party members will earn EXP but when all party members are k.o. it’s game over.

On Expert avoid fighting for now, 2 maps to the north is a campfire, where you can save and restore your health.
After that you can start grinding.
Use your skills to level them up, so that they get stronger and cheaper to cast.
For the initiate skill: Skill Level 3 = Cost of 8 MP -1 = 7MP

North of the campfire you have to fight mob groups of 3.
To the west is a hostile presence.

Boss Mist Crawler: Schar will join your party. Weak to Lance and Holy. Poison it to deal additional DoT.

You unlock the first Achievement “Out of the Woods”.

You can save the game.

Illuminated Palace

Ruined Village

Items: Chest Key, Elixir, 604 Gold

Schar leaves the party for now.

Pet Cats 100x to unlock the Achievement “Cat Lover” and obtain the Bell Whip (Staff).
Pet dogs 100x to unlock the Achievement “Dog Lover” and obtain the Bone Club (Axe).
Those weapons are much stronger as the currently available Tier 1 and 2 weapons at the Blacksmith (stats resemble tier 3 weapons).

Tell the Blacksmith “I need better equipment” to start the side quest “Better Armed I”, Better Armed II”.
Tell the Witch Lucy “I need more skills” to start the side quest “Greater Ability I”, “Greater Ability II”.
After you have fulfilled one request, you can ask again for the next one.
The Blacksmith for example will gift you either a Weapon or Armor and add Tier 3 gear to his stock.
Lucy for example will add Tier 2 spell books and Tier 1 charms and passives to her stock.

Note: I recommend to learn as many skills as possible to adjust them for boss battles.

Talk to Schar to unlock Fast Travel and Party Management.

Misty Woodlands

Items (after boss): Power Card & Ancient Knowledge (Chest Key required), 530 Gold

Optional boss on the starting map Gargantuan Thorns: beware for Sleep, Poison and strong AoE! Weak to Sword, Axe and Fire. Best wait until you are much stronger, especially on Expert (like over 400 HP).

Palace of Light

Danger Level: 5
Items: 430 Gold (2nd floor stairs behind pillar), Chest Key x3, Ancient Knowledge, Spirit Pot, Revival Balm x2, Smithing Material & Aura Card (Chest Key required), Yellow Rose x2, Lux Key (3rd floor East), Smithing Material, Anima Flask (3rd floor west behind pillar), 452 Gold, Ancient Knowledge & Smithing Material (Chest Key required), Elixir, Remedy, Life Flask

Mob Name
Skeletal Warrior
Lance, Fire, Wind
Petrified Knight
Axe, Bow, Wind, Darkness
Sword, Axe, Holy
Bandit Mage
Sword, Axe, Fire
Bandit Fighter
Lance, Thunder

In the first floor (entrance) is a locked chest.
In the room of the 2nd floor is a campfire but you need a Lux Key to enter next room.
On the 3rd floor you will proceed when go throught the gate, but first go downstairs to the west.

Defeat the Bandits and Celina and Zion will join the party.

Note Party Management: Passive party members will now earn some EXP, but still exchange them regularly!
Zion is currently the only character with an initial AoE.

At the 3rd floor east is another locked chest and Yellow Roses.

Note Yellow Roses: You can gift maximal 2 Yellow Roses to a character at the campfire to unlock a special scene in the ruined village and raise their stats.

Unlock the door at the campfire and proceed.
In the basement you notice a hostile presence.

Boss Holy Knight: Weak to Lance, Bow and Darkness. Sanctuary (Tier 2 Spell Book) is a live savior against this boss. With the correct weapon skills you can keep him poisoned and blinded. Unlocks the Achievement “Radiance”.

Yellow Roses

  1. 20 Max HP & 10 Max MP.
  2. All Stats +4 & Achievement “Favored by Clymene”.
  1. 20 Max HP & 10 Max MP.
  2. All Stats +4 & Achievement “Favored by Schar”.
  1. 20 Max HP & 10 Max MP.
  2. All Stats +4 & Achievement “Favored by Celina”.
  1. 20 Max HP & 10 Max MP.
  2. All Stats +4 & Achievement “Favored by Zion”.
  1. 20 Max HP & 10 Max MP.
  2. All Stats +4 & Achievement “Favored by Revouger”.

Azure Helix

Ruined Village


Palace of Light

Optional boss on the 2nd floor Regal Dragon: Weak to Lance, Bow and Ice. Best wait until you are much stronger (HP over 500)!

Sunken Sanctum

Danger Level: 10
Items: Smithing Material & Ancient Knowledge (Chest Key required), Cobalt Key A (2nd map, NE room), Chest Key x3, Smithing Material, Anima Flask x2, 604 Gold, Yellow Rose x4, Spirit Card & Vitality Card (Chest Key required), Remedy x2, Cobalt Key B (3rd floor, SW room), Spirit Pot, 228 Gold, Endurance Card & Vitality Card (Chest Key required), Ancient Knowledge (spikes map 2), Phasma Pot, Life Flask, Haste Card & Spirit Card (Chest Key required),

Mob Name
Marine Walker
Sword, Lance, Thunder
Sword, Staff, Fire, Thunder
Giant Crab
Axe, Fire, Wind
Bandit Thief
Axe, Fire, Ice
Bandit Shaman
Sword, Lance
Staff, Thunder, Wind

Head north to the 2 map.
The first 2 rooms you come across are locked and need Cobalt Key A & B.
The NW room contains a locked chest.
Unlock the SW door with the Cobalt Key A.
Once you flip the switch to lower some of the spikes, you are ambushed.

Free is now the western room of map 1 with another locked chest as well the way to the 2nd floor.
At the central room of floor 2 is the Campfire I.
Directly above the Campfire I on the 3rd floor is another locked chest.

Unlock the SE door of map 2 and defeat the next Gargoyle.
That has lowered the rest of the spikes.

In the east room of map 1 and in the north room of floor 3 are another locked chests.
Enter the room on map 3 to proceed.

Boss Ketos: Weak to Bow, Fire, Thunder.

You automatically reach Campfire II and Revouger joins the party.

Further north waits the guardian of this dungeon.

Boss Kraken: Weak to Sword, Thunder and Darkness. It has a strong AoE and can paralyze the party. Blind and Poison is recommended as well as HP over 300, Sancutary and Purify to each party member!

That’s all we are sharing today in Transcendence Legacy – Voidswept 100% Walkthrough GUide, if you have anything to add, please feel free to leave a comment below, you can also read the original article here, all the credits goes to the original author XEALEEN

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