Twitter blocks accounts of some prominent journalists

After laying off thousands of employees, Twitter is relying mostly on automation to curate content. On December 15, Twitter announced the suspension of the accounts of several journalists, including New York Times technology reporter Ryan Mac, Washington Post reporter Drew Harwell, and CNN reporter Donie O’Sullivan. Matt Binder of Mashable.

In response to the decision, a spokesman for The New York Times said neither the paper nor reporter Ryan Mack had received any explanation. The New York Times expects the accounts of all these reporters to be reinstated, and Twitter will respond appropriately to this action.

CNN, meanwhile, called Twitter’s decision “sloppy and unfair.” CNN has asked Twitter for an explanation and will reassess its relationship with Twitter based on the platform’s response.

In explaining the account lock, Mr. Musk emphasized that the ban on sharing personal information applies to everyone, including journalists. A day earlier, Twitter also suspended “@elonjet,” the account Musk uses to track his private jet in real time by aggregating public data. Billionaire Musk has warned that legal action will be taken against account holders for an act of stalking and endangering his family.

Twitter’s latest move comes after Musk has repeatedly pledged to uphold free speech on the platform. Last month, Twitter reinstated the account of former US President Donald Trump.

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