Twitter strongly bans Facebook, Instagram, Mastodon,…

Twitter users will now not be allowed to tweet links to certain other accounts they have on Facebook, Instagram, Post, etc. without paying for advertising.

Just before the updated terms of service were announced, Twitter announced the policy change again.

The sudden change is understood to involve the banning of “Join Mastodon” (Mastodon is the name of Twitter’s rival social platform) accounts, and the new policy will not allow users to “free”. . Certain media platforms on the “Bluebird” social network owned by Elon Musk”.

It follows the suspension in early December of a series of accounts dedicated to tracking the private jets of billionaires including Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates, as well as the personal accounts of the offending account creators. pause. This was also banned by Twitter.

The banned account belonged to a 20-year-old man who claimed to be a fan of Musk’s work at Tesla and SpaceX. He used public air travel data to map the flights of Elon Musk’s private jet and several other billionaires and celebrities.

Not long after, the social platform of the world’s richest man announced a policy prohibiting users from sharing the real-time location of others, and this new update is why the account is tracking the location of a private jet. Kick off Twitter.

Meanwhile, the latest policy change affects not only link sharing on certain other platforms, such as Facebook, but also sharing one’s domain name on those platforms, even without additional links.

Users are currently not allowed to tweet links to some of their other accounts. The Twitter support account announced the policy update in a series of tweets, saying Twitter would suspend “accounts created specifically to promote content and other social media platforms,” even though only a handful of competing sites were on the list of banned destinations.

The platforms listed include Mastodon (which explains why the “Join Mastodon” account has been suspended), Facebook, Instagram, Tribel, Truth Social, Post, and Nostr. It’s unclear why the policy only covers those platforms, but Elon Musk’s social network has also emphasized allowing users to post usernames and links to any other social media platform.

This means that unlisted platforms such as Weibo, Telegram, and Youtube will still “survive” on Twitter.

The Twitter support account shared: “We know that many Twitter users may be active on other social media platforms. However, Twitter will no longer allow free promotion of certain social media platforms on Twitter going forward.

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