Vampire Survivors Compendium Guide (Achievements, Collection & Tips)

This is a Compendium of Vampire Survivors , which provides all information from the in-game achievements, collection tabs in one location with a few additional notes.


Whip – Attacks horizontally, passes through enemies.
Ignores: speed, durationBloody Tear – Evolved Whip. Can deal critical damage and absorb HP.
Requires: Hollow Heart

Magic Wand – Fires at the nearest enemy.
Ignores: duration.

Holy Wand – Evolved Magic Wand. Fires with no delay.
Requires: Empty Tome.

Knife – Fires quickly in the faced direction.
Ignores: duration.

Thousand Edge – Evolved Knife. Fires with no delay.
Requires: Bracer.

Axe – High damage, high Area scaling.
Ignores: duration.

Death Spiral – Evolved Axe. Passes through enemies.
Requires: Candelabrador.

Cross – Aims at nearest enemy, has boomerang effect.
Ignores: duration.
Unlocked by: Find a Rosary. (drops from breaking light sources)

Heaven Sword – Evolved Cross. Can deal critical damage.
Requires: Clover

King Bible – Orbits around the character.
Best with: speed, duration, area.

Unholy Vespers = Evolved King Bible. Never ends.
Requires: Spellbinder.

Fire Wand – Fires at a random enemy, deals heavy damage.
Ignores: duration.
Unlocked by: Destroy 20 light sources.

Hellfire – Evolved Fire Wand. Passes through enemies.
Requires: Spinach

Peachone – Bombards in a circling zone.
Best with: cooldown, duration.
Unlocked by: Survive 10 minutes with any character.

Ebony Wings – Bombards in a circling zone.
Best with: cooldown, duration.
Unlocked by: Get Peachone to Level 7.

Santa Water – Generates damaging zones.
Ignores: speed

Runetracer – Passes through enemies, bounces around.
Best with: speed, duration.
Unlocked by: Survive 5 minutes with Pasqualina.

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Lightning Ring – Strikes at random enemies.
Ignores: speed, duration.
Unlocked by: Defeat a total of 5000 enemies.

Garlic – Damages nearby enemies.
Ignores: cooldown, duration, speed.
Unlocked by: Find 5 Floor Chickens.

Pentagram – Erases everything in sight.
Best with: cooldown and luck only.
Unlocked by: Survive 20 minutes with any character.

Clock Lancet – Chance to freeze enemies in time.
Ignores: power, speed, amount, area.
Unlocked by: Find a Orologion. (drops from breaking light sources)

Laurel – Shields from damage when active.
Best with: cooldown only.

Bone – Throws a bouncing projectile.
Best with: duration, speed.
Only usable by Mortaccia (starting weapon).

Passive boosts

Spinach – Raises inflicted damage by 10%.Armor – Reduces incoming damage by 1.

Hollow Heart – Augments max health by 10%.
Unlocked by: Survive 1 minute with any character.

Pummarola – Character recovers 0.1 HP per second.
Unlocked by: Survive 5 minutes with Gennaro.

Empty Tome – Reduces weapons cooldown by 8%.
Unlocked by: Hold 6 different weapons at once.

Candelabrador – Augments area of attacks by 10%.
Unlocked by: Get Santa Water to Level 4.

Bracer – Increases projectiles speed by 10%.
Unlocked by: Get King Bible to Level 4.

Spell Binder – Increases duration of weapon effects by 10%.
Unlocked by: Get Runetracer to Level 7.

Duplicator – Weapons fire more projectiles.
Unlocked by: Get Magic Wand to Level 7.

Wings – Character moves 10% faster.
Unlocked by: Reaching Level 5 with any character.

Attractorb – Character pickups items from further away.
Unlocked by: Find a Vacuum (drops from breaking light sources)

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Clover – Character gets 10% luckier.
Unlocked by: Find a Little Clover (drops from breaking light sources)

Crown – Character gains 7% more experience.
Unlocked by: Reaching Level 10 with any character.

Stone Mask – Character earns 10% more coins.
Unlocked by: Find a Stone Mask (Found in Library in top alcove sections rarely)


Antonio – Starting Weapon: Whip
Passive: Attacks deal 10% more damage every 10 levels (max +50%) (Lvl 50)*Available from beginning, purchased with gold*

Imelda – Starting Weapon: Magic Wand
Passive: Gains 10% more experience every 5 levels (max +30%). (Lvl 15)

Pasqualina – Starting weapon: Runetracer
Passive: Projectiles get 10% faster every 5 levels (max +30%). (Lvl 30)

Gennaro – Starting weapon: Knife
Passive: Permanent +1 projectile (all weapons).

*Unlocked with Achievement, then purchased with gold*

Mortaccia – Starting Weapon: Bone
Passive: Gets more projectiles every 20 levels (max+3) (Lvl 60)
Unlocked by: Defeat a total of 3000 skeletons.

Poe – Starting Weapon: Garlic
Passive: Permanent +25% pickup radius and =30 max health.
Unlocked by: Get Garlic to Level 7.

Porta – Starting Weapon: Lightning Ring
Passive: Permanent +30% area. Starts with temporarily reduced cooldown (so Lightning Ring kills faster).
Unlocked by: Get Lightning Ring to Level 4.

Arca – Starting Weapon: Fire Wand.
Passive: Weapon cooldown is reduced by 5% every 10 levels. (max -15%) (Lvl 30)
Unlocked by: Get Fire Wand to Level 4.


Hyper Mad Forest – Defeat the giant Blue Venus in the Mad Forest.Inlaid Library – Reach Level 20 in Mad Forest.

Hyper Inlaid Library – Defeat the Nesuferit in the Inlaid Library.

Beginner Tips

This is opinion from my playing experience.Play however until you unlock Garlic (5 Floor Chickens), Hollow Heart (Live 1 minute), and Empty Tome (Equip 6 weapons). Then start trying to follow this tier-list for building a powerful character.

( asterisks* denote that item needs unlocking)

Antonio: Starting weapon – Whip

Best picks: Garlic*, King Bible, Magic Wand, Laurel

OK Picks: Axe (best 6th weapon if evolved with Candelabrador*), Cross*, Runetracer*

Poor picks: Fire Wand*, Knife, Peachone*, Ebony Wings*, Santa Water, Lightning Ring*

Worst picks: Clock Lancet*, Pentagram*

Best picks: Spinach, Spellbinder* (evolving King Bible), Empty Tome* (evolving Magic Wand)

Good picks: Duplicator* / Crown* / Attractorb*

OK Picks: Hollow Heart* (evolving whip) / Bracer* / Candelabrador* (higher if using axe)

Poor picks: Clover* / Stone Mask*

Worst picks: Wings* / Armor / Pummarola*

That’s all we are sharing today in Vampire Survivors Compendium Guide (Achievements, Collection & Tips), if you have anything to add, please feel free to leave a comment below, you can also read the original article here, all the credits goes to the original author komodo_55

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