Vampire Survivors Exterminator Build Guide (100% Winrate v0.2.7e)

For Vampire Survivors players, this guide will show you a powerful build with 100% winrate on any character and on any map (Hyper included)


Welcome to the Build page.
On the image below you can find all the necessary items for this build.Vampire Survivors Exterminator Build Guide (100% Winrate v0.2.7e)Required Weapons
Axe — Upward+downward weapon, later upgrades to Death Spiral
King Bible
 — Surrounding Weapon, later upgrades to Unholy Vespers
Rune Tracer — Great AOE weapon with decent DPSRequired Buffs
Candelabrador — Necessary to upgrade Axe + Enhances AOE
Spellbinder — Necessary to upgrade King Bible + Increases duration
Spinach — Damage AmplifierOptional Weapons
Laurel — Helps to shield from damage

Optional Buffs
Crown — Faster lvl scaling
Empty Tome — Reduces cooldowns
Duplicator — More projectiles = More Damage

How to play with this build

Try to evolve Axe to Death Spiral or King Bible to Unholy Vespers as fast you can. These Weapons are your main damage dealers.

Once you get one of these evolved weapons it’s almost impossible to lose (unless you start walking into creeps)

To evolve the weapon you need to upgrade it to level 8 and have a corresponding buff (level1 is enough). After that an elite creep will drop a chest with evolved weapon.

Do not upgrade a weapon to level 8 if you don’t have a needed buff. Otherwise you may not able to evolve it (maybe it’s not how it works but I prefer not to risk it)

You may take any weapon (except for Pentagram. It removes elite creeps making it harder to scale up) after getting these 3 but an AOE weapon is preferable. You may also take almost any buff (Attractorb and Clover are useless) that will help you with your playstyle.

That’s all we are sharing today in Vampire Survivors Exterminator Build Guide (100% Winrate v0.2.7e), if you have anything to add, please feel free to leave a comment below, you can also read the original article here, all the credits goes to the original author .nullf

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