Wars and Roses Secret Key Guide

For Wars and Roses players, there are free weapons you can get by pressing a secret key, i’m not sure if it is an bug or not but look like devs put this option for us to test the guns before buying oooor they using it to test if the guns working correctly and just forgot to remove it from the main game..

Free weapons

anyway you can switch guns with F1
the order of switching same as in-game shop and you can switch it back by pressing F2 then press F1 to make an action
your main weapons will not change cuz it just a secondary gun came from nowhere and its not save as your own weapon.Wars and Roses Secret Key GuideWars and Roses Secret Key Guide
guns appear with full clip + 270 rounds and yes, you can use it as a CHEAT

* for some reason the additional guns have no sound

1key complete

this one is surely cheating -__-
you can complete missions without moving or doing anythingStart a mission and wait for load
press F1 two times
after hearing *DING* sound, cheat will activate and u can complete mission by pressing B
for repeating just start a(next) mission and press B

Wars and Roses Secret Key Guide

you will get the base payment of mission, difficulty bonus + heart for girls and that mean everything except of kill bonus.

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