Where’s the candy?

1. The calories of a piece of cake are equivalent to the calories of a bowl of noodles

The favorite bread was the one with the most calories when each cake contained about 333 calories. In fact, if you eat four pancakes, that’s more than half of your daily recommended calories, according to host Steven Chia.

The program tested the calories and sugar in five cakes weighing 80 grams: sausage rolls, red bean cake, coffee cake, biscuits and cheesecake. Cakes are purchased from central bakeries, popular chains and even fancier places.

2. How long should the cake be stored?
Alvin Loo, a biochemist at the Department of Food Science and Technology at the National University of Singapore, recommends keeping the cake in the refrigerator and eating it within the next 2-3 days, especially if you have a habit of buying less. Same price as Loo the night before.

Cakes that are high in moisture or contain milk are more prone to spoilage, says Loo. For example, mayonnaise cake, which contains many nutrients for microorganisms, should be eaten within 4 hours if it is not refrigerated.

The biochemist also said sugary fillings such as chocolate and red beans could last longer because the sugar helped “slow down spoilage”.

3. The cake is still soft, can it still be eaten?
Alvin Loo said the cake will harden if left too long. But when testing the firmness of 1-day cakes and 5-day cakes, the results are not much different.

The former requires 80g of compression, the latter 120g. According to Loo, this is because bakeries in Singapore may use “permitted additives” such as enzymes or dough conditioners to maintain the softness of the cake in the long-term.

4. How much is too much?
While cake is a convenient and popular breakfast choice, nutritionist Huang says people should not eat cake for lunch.

Huang says some pastries don’t provide enough protein and fiber. “What’s more, these cakes are full of carbohydrates, and the average person will not eat just one.”

In fact, eating 3 coffee cakes is like eating 9 slices of bread. “Would you like to eat 9 slices of bread at once? Probably not. So why would you eat 3 coffee cakes at once?” said the nutritionist.

5. How to eat cake to be healthy?
There are healthier options, such as whole grains or quinoa, says nutritionist Huang. But she also points out that we measure nutrition as a meal, not as any one of them.

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