World War 3 Best Settings to Increase FPS

For World War 3 players who want to get a better framerate. this guide will show you the best settings to increase FPS, let’s check it out.


Display Mode
The game must be on Fullscreen.Resolution
You need to consider if you use a lower resolution, you will have a better performance but the game will look worse. That’s why I recommend instead of using a lower resolution like 1280x720p, you need to create a custom x1080p resolution, for example 1440x1080p if your pc can’t handle 1920x1080p.
There are a lot of tutorials on youtube that will teach you how to create a custom resolution.
For example the NVIDIA users must do these steps:

World War 3 Best Settings to Increase FPS

What it only really does is limiting your FPS.
[Must be disabled]

GPU Buffering
When is enabled it may improve the fps amount on weaker configurations.
[Must be enabled]

Advanced Settings

Resolution Scale
If you lower the Resolution Scale, the game world will be at a lower resolution, while keeping UI elements, like your health bar or mini map rendered at the display’s native resolution to keep them sharp. That’s why I recommend to keep it 100 or between 80-100 if you don’t want a minecraft resolution.
World War 3 Best Settings to Increase FPSFramerate Lock
Is a limit on the allowed FPS.
[Must be disabled]

High Dynamic Range
Has the potential to reduce your frame rates.
[Must be disabled]

Frame Rate Smoothing
Is determining what range is acceptable for frame rate wandering, so you can cap your frame rate between min and max allowable values.
[Must be disabled]

Dynamic Resolution
It doesn’t make a big difference, when you choose a spawn you see the screen pixelated.
[Must be disabled]

It just makes some areas who are too dark or too bright to be more visible. It doesn’t affect the FPS too much, but sometimes your screen will freeze during the gameplay. If you want to use it, I recommend leaving it at 30%.
World War 3 Best Settings to Increase FPS


Volumetric Fog
If it’s a foggy area filled with a particle effect or volumetric fog, it will decrease the frame rate compared to the same scene with no fog.
[Must be disabled]The rest of the settings must be Low.
You can also have only Textures and View Distance on Medium.
World War 3 Best Settings to Increase FPS

How to easily get 10-20 more FPS

Motion Blur
I know this sounds weird, but it seems that the Motion Blur, although not seen to have a visual effect, has a performance one.
If you raise the Motion Blur at 100% you will have 10-20 more FPS.
World War 3 Best Settings to Increase FPS
That’s all we are sharing today in World War 3 Best Settings to Increase FPS, if you have anything to add, please feel free to leave a comment below, you can also read the original article here, all the credits goes to the original author Domn Ionescu

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