Yes, Your Grace Patch Note V1.0.6

Hey folks! Here’s our latest patch notes – if you’ve been having some issues have a look through these and make sure your game is all up to date!

Warming: this patch will contain spoilers.

As always, GOG folks – your patch is on the way!

– Fixed bug with Jovan triggering same story part multiple times
– Fixed Not being able to click on the Soldier
– Fixed Queue not working properly if you click on Noaksy / Jovan in weird orders
– Fixed the Russian incantation during Ritual
– Fixed Asalia Active marker if you give her to Varied and she runs away in the same turn
– Australia will trigger the correct dialogue after the bear incident
– Updated Splash screens to have FMOD
– Updated Credits so they end correctly
– Battle GUI won’t appear in MAin menu after exiting from Captions Screen during Siege
– Updated Polish Translation with some spelling fixes

By TinyPixxels

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